I noticed that new drivers lack the understanding of how to share the road with motorcycles. I’m hoping to change that a little bit in this video. I will answer what I think are 10 questions new drivers were afraid to ask bikers:

1. Why are bikers aggressive?
2. Are you wearing all that gear to look cool?
3. Why are you following me too closely?
4. Why do you always ride on one side of the lane?
5. Why is your bike so loud?
6. Why do you appear to let me occupy your lane at stop lights?
7. Why didn’t you turn when you had your turn signals flashing?
8. Why do you slow down at intersections?
9. Why is your gear so bright and colorful?
10. Why do sport bikers lean forward on the highway?

So there you go, 10 things drivers need to know about bikers. If you like this video, please hit the like button. Hit the subscribe button to see me in my next video. Ride safe, and thanks for watching!