What is an introvert? “It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.” If anyone has ever said this about you, there’s a chance that you might be an introvert. And if you’re the risk-taking introvert, and if you’re not a rider yet, then buying a motorcycle might be something you’ll also want to consider.

Here are the 5 reasons why introverts love motorcycles:

1. You can spend most of your time in solitude.
2. You can get away to reflect and recharge.
3. You can concentrate and focus on one thing.
4. You can engage in meticulous detailed work.
5. You can take calculated risks.

This is my first video revealing that I’m an introvert, if you haven’t figured that out by now. Of course, there are subsets of introverts, but to keep the video under 5 minutes, I had to make generalizations.

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As always, ride safe, and thanks for watching.

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