10 thousand mile record, 10 second quarter mile, 10 thousand lb motorbike, here’s my tribute to the number 10.

In this episode, I am celebrating YouTube’s 10th year anniversary because without YouTube, my channel wouldn’t be possible.

So here is a motorcycle tribute to the number ten against the back drop of a ride to the Long Sue Conservation area.

1. 10 passengers on a motorcycle.
2. 10 meters on the world’s smallest motorcycle.
3. 10 second quarter mile run.
4. 10 thousand miles in 11 days.
5. 10 million miles in a world ride.
6. 10 minutes at Pikes Peak.
7. 10 minute battery recharge.
8. 10 thousand pound motorcycle.
9. 10 million units of motorcycles.
10. 10 thousand views on my channel.

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