Motorcycle Chain Cleaning & Maintenance – CBR 250R


I’ll show you how I cleaned and lubricated my chain on my 2013 Honda CBR250RA, part of proper motorcycle chain maintenance.

Tools required: 10 mm wrench, a plastic hand brush, Kerosene, a spray bottle, chain lube, a roll of shop towels, and gloves.

The first step was to remove the chain guard that was bolted on to the swing arm by 4 10 mm bolts. I then sprayed kerosene on the entire length of the chain while spinning the rear tire. Then I scrubbed the chain using a plastic hand brush. Next, I wiped the chain down with these shop towels. I did a wipe and rinse several times until the chain was clean to my satisfaction.

I sprayed chain lubricant and made sure the entire chain was covered. This was also a good time to check and adjust my chain’s freeplay. If you have tips on chain cleaning, let me know in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Filmed using Canon Vixia HF R300 and Canon EOS Rebel T3i.